School Climate Survey Results – 2019

Our Lady of the Annunciation is a safe and welcoming school where all students feel comfortable to learn and can be successful. In support of the Board’s Safe Schools and Equity and Inclusive Education policies, as well as the provincial mandate to conduct school climate surveys, OLA conducted a school climate survey for students last spring. The surveys were completed anonymously online with the intention of providing students with an opportunity to share their perspective on creating an optimal safe and caring learning environment.

During the previous year, parents and staff provided their opinions on what they believed would contribute to a caring, safe and inclusive school. This year, to enhance the good work already occurring at Our Lady of the Annunciation, students identified the following as areas for celebration and improvement:

What We Are Doing Well

  • Students indicate that our school community fosters a welcoming environment, where students feel safe and accepted.
  • Our students report that they have a positive outlook on the future.
  • Students note that if they work hard in school, they feel that they have the opportunities to succeed.
  • Students reported that they get along well with others, and feel a sense of belonging while they are at school.

What We Need to Improve

  • Increase the capacity of staff to respond to students who experience anxiety, anger or frustration.
  • Reduce occurrences of bullying by continuing bullying awareness campaigns and emphasizing the importance of seeking help.
  • Help students become more resilient and focused on achieving their potential.
  • Increase our capacity to help students who feel stressed while at school.

Feedback collected from the school climate surveys for students, along with other information gathered about our school, will be used at Our Lady of the Annunciation, to promote peace, justice and the sacredness of life in support of student engagement, success and well-being.