Dress Code


  • For the Top – Dark blue, white or light blue
  • For the bottoms – Dark blue, khaki (tan)


  • Short and long sleeves tops of any style are permitted as long as they are in the school colours of dark blue, white and light blue with logos no bigger than 4cm in the front pocket area.
  • Hoodies/sweaters and vests are permitted but must be solid school colours with no logos (dark blue, white or light blue)
  • Skirts, shorts, capris skorts, dresses and jumpers are permitted as long as they are the school bottom colours (dark blue or khaki- tan)
  • Bottoms: dress pants, yoga pants, jogging pants and leggings (Gr 3 and under only) must be solid school colours – dark blue, khaki (tan)
  • Outer wear will have no colour restrictions as per Policy 219A
  • Foot wear will not have restrictions as per the Policy 219A
  • Gym clothes will have no colour restrictions
  • Spare clothing sent to school for emergencies must be in school colours
    Jeans of any kind will not form part of the standardized dress code as per Policy 219A

Compliance/Non Compliance Expectations as per Policy 219A

Examples of a progressive discipline approach:

  • Verbal reminder
  • Communication with parent/guardian
  • Written notification to parent/guardian

No elementary school student shall be suspended/expelled for non-compliance with this policy.

OLA All Stars Spirit Wear

Spirit wear will be available for purchase during the month of September and March. Spirit Wear includes Sweat Shirts, Hoodies, T-shirts (long and short sleeve), sweat pants, shorts, hats, gym bags. All of the spirit wear has the OLA All Stars logo embroidered or printed on it. Students are welcome to wear spirit wear every day of the week throughout the year.