Hallowe’en Spook-a-thon

The students demonstrated wonderful school spirit by participating in our fundraiser.  The fundraiser is now over. Families that have not yet returned their money or unsold chocolates are asked to do so on Tuesday, October 23.  Tuesday morning will be the last day that we will be having a daily draw for prizes. All students will be rewarded with a Hallowe’en Spook-a-thon on October 31st.  Parents are welcome to attend the Spook-a-thon. The schedule is listed below.

Students are asked to please choose costumes that are NOT violent in nature. Please leave all costume accessories like masks and weapons at home.  

The dance times are as follows:

9:15am-9:45am – Kindergarten Classes

9:45am-10:25am- Grades 1, 2, 3

10:45am-11:45am – Grades 4, 5, 6

1:15pm-2:30pm – Grades 7,8

2:45pm – Spirit Assembly and Prize Draws

Parents, please remember our Anaphylaxis Policy whereby the sharing of food items is not allowed.  Please do not send in edible Halloween treats for your child’s classmates.  Many of our students will enjoy treats at home over the next few weeks. As always, we wish to promote healthy eating at our school, and discourage students from bringing candies to school.  Many candies and treats, especially the small chocolate bars that the children receive during trick or treating contain peanuts and other nuts. Given the variety of allergies we have throughout our building, we would ask all families to continue to be vigilant when selecting which snacks to bring to school.  It is also important that students don’t trade snacks with each other. We do ask that no food be sent into the school from families (ex. cupcakes for a classroom to celebrate the day or candy filled loot bags).

Thank you for your continued support!  OLA is an awesome school!