A Message from the OLA Platinum Certified ECO Club

Hello O.L.A. Community! Our Eco Club is up and running once again this year! The Ontario Eco Schools Program is an environmental education program that incorporates environmental education with environmentally-responsible actions. We were awarded Platinum Certification in June 2018, the highest level, and we look forward to maintaining this standing. We have several students in grades 4-8 that have joined the environmental club to help make a difference in our school community, to educate the school body on the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, and protecting our environment. The goal of the Eco Club at O.L.A. is to engage and empower students to become Stewards of the Earth and to teach that each of us has a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our planet for generations to come. We will have many school initiatives in place to ensure we take a collective effort towards ecological responsibility. These will include:

  • Recycling – recycle water bottles, juice boxes, milk cartons, rinsed
  • Boomering/Wasteless Lunches – In an effort to reduce the amount of waste at school, students are asked to ensure that lunches are as litterless as possible. Also, students will  boomerang, or take garbage and food back home. This reduces the amount of waste at school while also informing parents of food consumption and food waste.
  • Walk to School Days – monthly on the first Wednesday of the month, Oct. 3rd, 2018 is International Walk to School Day– participating students will be entered into a draw to win a prize!
  • Energy Conservation – keeping school lights shut off when not needed, including Lights Out Lunches; turning off computer monitors when not in use
  • School Yard Clean Ups
  • No idling of cars when picking up and dropping off children

We appreciate your support! We are looking forward to a busy school year of environmental initiatives.